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Winnipeg’s Pro-Gear Invites You to the Manitoba Gasser Association

Welcome to the Manitoba Gasser Association, also known as MAN GAS.

The purpose of this group is to promote vintage drag racing in Canada and in general. The entire plan is to start a registry of local vehicles, announce a date to show up and make passes – and then show up and make passes. The primary location is Interlake Dragway in Gimli, Manitoba.

For the "racing" event, there are no points, no prize money, no dues and no meetings other than at the track or an event.

The Manitoba Gasser Association is looking for:

  • Pre-1967 cars, trucks & motorcycles

  • No modern or billet wheels

  • No modern electronic fuel injection

  • No turbochargers

  • No snorkel hood scoops

  • No nitrous

Vehicles that do not fit these criteria but that do have Racing Heritage will be considered.

Interested in Celebrating the Vintage Racing Era?

Keep in touch with MAN GAS on Facebook too.

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